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Free Specialist Footwear and Orthotics consultations

We are extremely happy to welcome the former manager of Special Footwear and Orthoses, New Cavendish Street, London, W1 to our orthotic and gait analysis team.

Many people now wear orthotics as a treatment for their foot and gait conditions, but what are they and how do they work?

If you have ever experienced aches, pains or twinges in your feet and legs while standing, walking, exercising or taking part in sport. This may well be due to poor foot alignment. The bio mechanics of the feet refer to the complex series of movements that enable walking. Any anomalies in this process can lead to pain. Not only in the feet! It can also occur in other parts of the body such as ankles, legs, knees, hips and back.

An Orthotics specialists will look at the characteristics in persons posture and walk for signs of bio mechanical problems in the legs and the feet. They will then prescribe treatments to help the joints and the muscles to function correctly. These will most commonly include corrective devices that are called orthotics.

Orthotics are designed to alter the way your feet and legs work. They will restore more normal function and relieve some stress from the painful areas. They can be manufactured from a number of different materials. These ranging from soft foam to firm high density EVA and are normally designed to the specific customer needs and their desired use.

We manufacture Insoles, Combination Insoles, Cradles, Footbeds, Arch Supports, Valgus Insoles, Metatarsal Insoles, Met Supports, Heel Lifts, Heel Pads, Heel Supports, Heel Raises, Toe Blocks, Toe Fillers.

We manufacture orthotics for those who may experience pain or discomfort when they walk or take part in sporting activities. We offer a call-out basis which involves travelling to your place of residence, workplace, hospital, clinic, gym etc, then assessing your problems and then taking impressions of your feet to begin the orthotic development process and when the orthotics are completed they are delivered to you. This is especially for those who have painful feet, difficulty getting about or have busy lifestyles.

Whether you enjoy running, skating, skiing, football, rugby, ice hockey or inline hockey, professionally or just for pleasure, your health and fitness is the key. But what happens if suffer an injury or you suffer from a medical condition that affects your feet, ankles, knees or other part of your body? As well as damaging your performance, poor treatment could hinder your recovery, custom-made orthotics are the answer.

We have pride in the provision of our Orthotics services and ensure that you have access to efficient and effective repairs and aftercare.
We can manufacture a copy of an existing pair of orthotics, supply a repeat order or a revised pair for a different type use or activity or for a different type of footwear.

We also offer a repair and recovering service of your existing orthotIcs.

We can fit pads and supports directly into your footwear, whether its:-
Arch supports/arch pads/ met pads/met domes/met bars/heel pads/
Heel lifts/heel cushions/heel wedges and many more.

Most types of everyday footwear and sports footwear can be adapted to
accommodate differences in leg length, and other foot, leg, back and joint problems to improve function, gait and help relieve pain whether used with or without orthotics, this is usually achieved by fitting an outside raise to the sole and heel of the footwear and in some cases also include a small raise on the inside of the footwear also wedges, floated or flared heels, rocker soles etc can be fitted if required.

If you suffer from bunions, claw or hammer toes, bursas, corns, boney protrusion or an abnormal foot shape your footwear can normally be adjusted to fit more comfortably by orthopaedic stretching of the footwear which can be carried out on most types of everyday footwear and sports footwear.

With the technological advances within the footwear manufacturing industry and the large number of retailers supplying orthotic friendly footwear, in most cases (except extreme deformity etc) it is no longer necessary to suffer the cost of having made to measure footwear. As now a pair of quality custom-made orthotics fitted into orthotic friendly footwear can provide the support, function and comfort required and if necessary can have footwear adaptions fitted.
Please contact us for more information.

If you already have someone dealing with your problem or someone over seeing your healthcare we are happy to liaise with them (doctor, podiatrist, physio, surgeon, healthcare staff etc).

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