Bespoke orthopaedic last

Bespoke Orthopaedic

Expertly made bespoke orthopaedic shoes

If you are interested in bespoke orthopaedic footwear, then you are most likely to be looking for comfort and support. Our orthopaedic footwear is both of these but we also take pride in style and aesthetics. We provide the clients with a sketch of the shoes. The client is encouraged to be involved in the design aspects. There are choices of style, materials and heel. A bespoke orthopedic shoe can still be stylish.

In addition to our bespoke orthopaedic services we also have a “made to order” line. We design our footwear to provide arch support, toe room and depth. For clients with feet that are prone to swell during the day. We can accommodate removable insoles. These can be removed at any time to provide extra depth without loss of comfort or support.

To produce footwear for diabetics we use a softer lining and more supple leather upper. Seams are reduced to as few as possible. We can apply this to “made to order” and bespoke orthopaedic footwear.

Made to order shoes and boots can be tailored to accommodate soft padded linings and cuffs. Low cut stiffeners and soft toe puffs or ‘ rim’ toe puffs that do not rub the area over the toes.

Bespoke orthopaedic and “made to order” shoes, boots and summer sandals can all be made with lace or Velcro fastenings.

All bespoke orthopaedic footwear is made on custom wooden lasts. Made by hand by our in house last maker. This highly skilled craftsman has over 40 years experience in orthopaedic lasts and shoe making.

Bespoke orthopaedic adaptations

Footwear adaptations can take on many forms. We can add Velcro fastenings to aid clients with arthritis in their hands and lack of mobility. We can add orthopaedic raises for leg length compensation.

We take great pride in the quality of our work and endeavor at all times to provide the most aesthetically pleasing adaptation. Often raises can be set into the sole and heel so that it is barely visible, this can be achieved on both moulded units (trainers etc.) and standard rubber or leather soles. Materials are used that as far as possible, match the footwear.

bespoke shoe uppers

Bespoke insoles, inside raises and custom made orthoses can be an enormous help in problems with both posture and painful feet. Adaptations can be made to fit all your existing footwear.

If you would like to discuss bespoke orthopaedics, made to order or adaptions with us please go to our contact page.