Bespoke shoes

Bespoke shoes

Franklin handcrafted bespoke shoes made in Northampton

At Franklin footwear we produce handmade, bespoke footwear for both ladies and gentlemen. Our bespoke shoes, boots and sandals are designed and made by dedicated, highly skilled craftsmen in our Northampton workshop. We produce high quality bench made shoe. Tradition is built in.

Each shoe, boot and sandal we produce is entirely unique. They are tailored to meet a client’s specific wishes. The designs and patterns used in the construction of each shoe are created for each commission. As well as a highly desirable shoe this ensures comfort.

Bespoke shoe lasts

Our bespoke shoes are made with custom lasts. Each specifically created for the individual client. Bespoke lasts are created from the outlines and measurements of the individual’s feet. On request we will make a plaster cast of the client’s feet and use this for the basis of the last. All bespoke lasts are made from wood in house by our highly skilled last maker. Our last maker has over forty years experience in making lasts. For both bespoke and bespoke orthopaedic shoes.

We can create any style of bespoke shoe, boot or sandal. Our bespoke footwear can be based on a traditional patterns.We can create any style of bespoke shoe, boot or sandal. These may be based on any traditional pattern or hybrid. For example a brogue, monk, oxford, summer sandal, Mary Jane, knee boot or ankle boot. Alternatively you may wish to have something created that is completely unique. We have an endless array of leathers and exotic skin to select from. These come in an extraordinary range of hues and textures which will further enhance your commission.

Sometimes you may see the description Semi-Bespoke. To us this means an existing product that has been adapted for the client. Our products are fully bespoke. We take a client requirement and make the shoe from the beginning. All our bespoke shoes are made in their entirety. Just for you.

In the industry the term handmade is generally used to describe factory made shoes. Such as Goodyear welted ready to wear shoes. The best factory made shoes have a high level of skilled hand making heritage in them. The craftsmanship in our shoes far exceeds these levels.

We have two missions at Franklin footwear. To produce the most outstanding and high quality bespoke shoes available and to Provide the best experience for our clients.

We offer a completely free consultation. We also offer free advice. We can be contacted via the telephone or by email. For details on how to talk to us, regarding our bespoke footwear. Please see our contact page.